By Mitchell McHugh


At first cryptocurrency regulation came in slowly, but now it seems we could be on the premise of regulation coming in all at once.

On July 9th at an Economic Policy Subcommittee Sen. Elizabeth Warren came out swinging against an unprepared cryptocurrency market,

“Cryptocurrencies have turned out…

“The dominant issue we all face in understanding today’s world, is that we will accept what groups of people tell us on the grapevine — not because we have done research to verify it, but because it benefits our worldview and gives us reassurance. It makes us feel safe in…


“In the great game of the world economy, the final boss victory for crypto would be to rob nation-states of the ability to issue legitimate money — at least, that would be the libertarian win condition.”

The super-short version of this piece: Cryptocurrency’s will not rob nation-states…


In the first quarter of 2021, global sovereign debt managed to reach undoubtedly fuelled by the in debt growth during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. Due to this growth in debt a speculative mania unfolded in stocks, housing and cryptocurrency’s resulting in wild returns…


As society slowly drifts towards the Exponential Age, most fail to notice the rate of change is growing increasingly fast. Our society is led by the social and technological innovations of madmen and geniuses, with our politicians and laws failing to keep pace. …

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